1. Seed CSR is one of the Leading CSR implementation parnet across India working for MNC Coprorates like Somany , ACC , Yes Bank, Bharat Hotels , Technip , Semcorp , Caterpillar & DHFL.

    It would be great if you can help us in promoting our interventions on your site. We can go in long term parnetship for the same with you people.

    Warm Regards
    Mohit Sharma

  2. I was just checking out your site, and was very impressed.
    You guys really do some great work.
    Have you considered adding animated videos or 3D videos to your portofolio?
    My team, located in Israel, helps businesses like yours by creating 60-90 second videos to explain their business at affordable rates with quality that cannot be beaten..
    Want to hear more?
    You can check out our work at explainmybusiness.com.
    We are eager to hear back from you!
    Greetings from Jerusalem,
    Lisa Kent

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  4. Apohan Corporate Consultants Private Limited India is a leading M&A company in India. It has prepared a master database of the companies it has approached and has secured consulting mandates for equity investment. These businesses seeking equity funding are led by reputed technocrats with huge marketing strength, whose core strength, at the same time, isn’t strategic financing . Apohan assists them with its end-to-end customized equity investment consulting services. Apohan provides end-to-end equity funding consultancy & implementation services services for operational growth or financial turnaround to SMEs with very high potential but which are lacking a professional well documented business strategy, a corporate management mechanism, a proper financial strategy and the merger & acquisition (M&A) expertise.
    Broadly, there are the following ways in which you can associate with Apohan:
    1. As a distressed asset, an NPA account, a company under ARC / CIRP for equity finance for financial turnaround of your business.
    2. As a growing business for equity funding for growth, new projects, new initiatives, etc. Our focus is on Indian SMEs & new-age technology companies.
    3. As an professional business: For formulation of a business strategy, financing strategy & corporate management plan.
    4. As a strategic investor or as a financial investor: For equity investment in well-studied, low-risk, well contracted, high ROI private businesses.
    5. As a financial intermediary, M&A professional firm: For M&A related strategic, statutory & compliance work in collaboration with Apohan.
    6. As a deal broker: For connecting Apohan directly to the final decision-making client businesspersons or investors for a finding fees (referral fee).
    WhatsApp: +91 9810481325
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Website: http://www.apohanconsultants.com

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