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With an urge to serve the much-needed service to the Indian SMEs, SMEStreet.in is created to become a dynamic knowledge-sharing platform for SMEs. A platform on which SMEs can not only expect valued content for their business growth but also network with experts who can guide them to achieve growth.

As part of Vertical Business Media Pvt. Ltd. SMEStreet.in is an initiative dedicated to contribute in Indian SMEs’ growth.

This portal has established a direct engagement with SMEs. As part of this direct engagement, there are four critical elements of SMEStreet.in. A strong offline action plan is designed for such engagement. This offline plan includes events, panel discussions and power interactions at SME’s doorstep. SMEStreet.in is supported by ANDC Instart Foundation. 

About SMEStreet Foundation 

SMEStreet Foundation is created with a vision to justify our existence and contribute in the meaningful way of nation-building. Our ideology of nation-building revolves around socio-economic development through MSMEs. Registered as a Section 8 company, in Haryana, India, SMEStreet Foundation comes with an experience of over 6 years of in-depth understanding of MSMEs and their issues. 

SMEStreet.in was established in 2014, since then the platform working as an unbiased forum and voice for the MSME sector. The platform has evolved from media platform to an influencer and connected ecosystem for MSMEs. 

Having connected with over 700,000 (7 Lakh) MSMEs across India and across verticals, SMEStreet is aimed to deliver valued content for MSMEs and become an anchor of next-level growth engine for the growth engine of the Economy that is MSME Segment.

The year 2020 came with several challenges. But the important aspect is MSMEs are committed to fight back and thrive in the post-COVID Pandemic Scenario. This year with several initiatives and plans, SMEStreet is targeting to get connected with over 15 Lakh (1.5 Million) MSMEs across India. 

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Key Objectives

SMEStreet.in is an efficient and dynamic platform for Indian SMEs. The content inflow for this portal not only includes news, analysis, interviews and success stories but it also have a window of opportunity to enhance the profitability of the business, personalized networking with subject matter experts and insightful market research data.

The initiative has Entrepreneurs and CXOs of SME organizations as the core audience. The whole experience of being part of SMEStreet.in is aimed at contributing great value in business growth.

Key Goals of this Initiative:

  • To Become the facilitator of growth for SMEs
  • To Produce Market Insights regarding SMEs
  • To Bring Opportunities closer to SMEs
  • To Develop and nurture Growth through Cluster Development Approach

 Key People

  • Faiz Askari– Founder | Editor | CEO
  • Tabinda Hilal- Director – Market Outreach
  • Deepu Madhavan – Digital & Content Operations 
  • Manoj Kothari- Sales & Marketing 
  • Sachin Doon – Web Development

Here is a snapshot of SMEStreet’s Journey

The Milestones


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