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74% of People Prefer Privacy Over Convenience

Tsaaro Conducts Survey On Responsible A.I. and Privacy, reveals striking insights.

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Tsaaro, a leading data privacy, and cybersecurity services provider, announced the key findings of its survey in responsible artificial intelligence and privacy. There have been ground-breaking developments in AI in the past 5 years that have impacted every aspect of life, making us completely dependent on technology. It is everywhere around us in every single decision we make and every single thought that we have and thus it’s time to move to responsible AI. It has completely transformed the landscape, making impossible things possible, such as directing the behavior of a consumer, manipulation of presidential elections, voice recognition, mass surveillance, etc. This survey mainly focuses on understanding these stands and the reasoning behind them.

According to an IBM report titled “Global A.I. Adoption Index 2022,” over 60% of Indian companies have already been using A.I., which has been said to have increased due to the pandemic enforced digitisation, and many believe that there is no turning point from here.

With the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence around the world and in India. The survey says only 61% of the participants are aware of what bias in artificial intelligence is. 65 % of the participants stated that they try avoiding A.I.-enabled features such as phone unlocking using face ID, digital voice assistance, etc.

The survey was conducted online through multiple social media, professional channels, and an internal network of both organizations in June 2022. Through this process, the survey: A.I. ‘s Race for Responsibility and Privacy, reached over 1000 people. This sample space was organically attained and consisted of individuals who use these A.I. in their daily lives and those who work on these A.I. systems directly. 55% of the participants believe that A.I. and its use is indispensable in today’s day and age. Only 17% of the participants answer yes that there are any laws in our country that govern the usage of A.I.

Akarsh Singh Co-founder CEO, Tsaaro, said “ While privacy concerns are usually always a major concern when using new technology, the scope and applicability of AI presents a particularly challenging scenario. Big data’s effects can be compared to AI’s in some ways. Still, AI technology has the added ability to process enormous amounts of data while also using it to learn, build adaptive models, and make actionable predictions, often without clear, comprehensible procedures.”

Tsaaro believes that the government has a significant impact on the atmosphere that allows the development of safe and ethical AI to coexist with technological advancement. A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach is necessary to strike the correct balance because too much, the wrong kind or the wrong kind of regulation could hinder the adoption of AI or ignore its real problems.

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