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SMBs will thrive by reducing physical space & time

of workers want flexible work options

Get work done when on field, at home or on-site, while keeping IT complexity minimal, with reliable and secure collaboration solutions

  • Don’t have to switch between multiple apps: A centralized Microsoft Teams workspace to get work done more efficiently
  • Flexibility while on the move: Use Office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Planner, and Power BI from right within Teams app. View the availability of people you work with using an integrated Teams calendar
  • Easier collaboration: Meet where your conversations and files are at hand to be referenced, shared, or updated on the spot
Work for your business while on the move

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₹ 749 user/month

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Early cloud adopters show higher growth and progress

Technology adoption has a direct correlation to revenue growth

Optimize operations & cost with cloud solutions, pay-as-you-go, scale up or down as needed and get the latest product updates on-the-fly.

A streamlined work environment, administration, and investment

  • Easier admin: Manage your collaboration, productivity, and security tools all from a single administration center
  • Simplified billing: Consolidate billing on the same invoice as for other Office apps and services
  • Cost-effective: Get centralized security management and compliance at no additional cost

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₹ 136 user/month

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