Agriculture Industry and O4S Jointly Discussed Future of Agri Supply Chain

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O4S, the leading SaaS-based technology start-up that enables visibility to businesses to their downstream supply chain, organised a webinar with opinion leaders from the Agriculture sector to discuss various dynamics of Agriculture Distribution Supply Chain, and whether COVID-19 will be a Pause or a Refresh for the industry. Moderated by Mr. Arsh Gujral, Head of Sales, O4S, the enriching webinar included industry veterans, Mr. SK Gupta, Ex-CEO- JK Agri Genetics, Mr. GV Ramana Rao, CEO- Ganga Kaveri Seeds, and Mr. Satish GS, MD- Limagrain Field Seeds. The panellists identified, resonated and ideated around challenges and way forward across the entire value chain right from breeding, processing, distribution, engagement and digitalisation in agriculture supply chain.

Speaking about the journey from breeding and processing, Mr. GV Ramana Rao, CEO at Ganga Kaveri Seeds said, “Manufacturing is a vast area in the seed business right from R&D, seed production and processing, and quality assurance that revolves around entire supply chain process. Shortage of the skilled work force has definitely affected the R&D and affected breeding capabilities during COVID times. However, companies must focus on customer feedback and compliance for smoother processes and begin integration of processes, such as R&D and ERP to achieve revival. In the current situation, the three things which are key to success are right linkage and alignment, information flow and transparency in communication.”

Talking about the possible changes that COVID 19 should bring to the industry, Mr. Satish G S, MD at Limagrain Field Seeds, said, “As an industry, we have significant amount of risk both in terms of quantum and percentage return. Therefore, the distribution channels need to be revamped and technology integration should make the product flow visible not just to the distributer level but up to the retailer to help reduce and manage returns. With tech innovations on the rise, solutions available in the market will enable visibility at the retailer’s end.  Further, data analytics will also play an important role in the coming future, and there has been more openness to accept the role of analytics in the industry.”  He also commended the industry on the efforts taken to follow regulations and maintain processes in this current scenario.

Stressing on the importance of digital engagements, Mr. SK Gupta, Ex-CEO at JK Agri Genetics said, “Agriculture is one of the few sectors that is a shining star even in such dark times. With smartphone penetration to rise in rural India coupled with affordable data plans, the environment is right to latch on to the digital bandwagon to drive consumer engagement initiatives. Digitization is also allowing companies to move forward not just by experience, but now with data.”

Concluding the session, Mr. Arsh Gujral, Head of Sales, O4S said, “The changing time has definitely brought with it multiple challenges but simultaneously it has also brought us together to reflect on improving processes, and bounce back to normal. Supply Chain is an integral part of every industry and in future, it is vital to make decisions backed by data and technological solutions. Providing a 360 degree view into the supply chain, O4S helps reaching out to multiple layers including manufacturer, distributor, retailer as well as consumers through its solutions.”

O4S will be organising a series of such Webinars addressing the issues at hand during ongoing Pandemic pertaining to multiple industries.

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